Our history in brief

Contemporary folk music band “Raxtu Raxti” began their artistic journey together back in summer of 2012. It brought together a number of musicians from another band – “Autobuss debesīs” -, as well as present group’s lead vocal Kristīne Kārkle – Kalniņa and her brother Edgars Kārklis. At the beginning of their career, their repertoire was based on the music of Latvian composer Imants Kalniņš, which was brought closer to the sound of folk music. Over time the repoertoire has been complemented by original compositions and folk song arrangements by other composers, as well as by the band’s own members. “Raxtu Raxti” uses both – traditional and academic – Latvian musical instruments and also world music ethno-instruments in their music, creating a distinct and well defined sound that is solely unique to themselves.

Up till this point “Raxtu Raxti” has performed vigorously not only in Latvia, but also abroad. The main event for the group each year is the concert dedicated to the proclamation day of the Republic of Latvia performed in Riga, where the band collaborates with the bagpipe and drum group “Auļi” and several other well known Latvian musicians creating their very own folk music orchestra. In honour of the 100th anniversary of Latvia, a dance performance “Vēstījums rakstos” was created in collaboration with recognized and experienced choreographers and received the Dance award, which is the highest award in Latvia for professional dance art.

Released music albums: “Es atradu tautasdziemu” (“I found a folk song” translation from Latvian), “Līgo”, Oratorio by Imants Kalniņš “Dzejnieks un nāra” (“Poet and mermaid” translation from Latvian), “Man bij’ dziesmu vācelīte” (“I had a song pouch” translation from Latvian), “Vēstījums rakstos” (“Message in the writings” translation from Latvian).